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When I created Pebble in the Pond one of my key aims was that we would try to be as ‘eco-friendly’ as we could be. Events and wedding in particular are notoriously naughty when it comes to the effect on the environment (think guests’ travel, laundering all those chair covers...) and wastage (the poor flowers for example, so much thought put in and so quickly forgotten about the next day). A wedding with 150 guests plus honeymoon flights creates a whopping 14.5 tonnes of CO2 according to Climate Care – that’s four tonnes more than one of us creates in a year!

But we don’t want to be all doom and gloom and hairy shirt about it.  Just some small steps – it’s like dropping a pebble in a pond, even if the pebble is small, the ripples of change can spread far.

We’re not holding ourselves up to be perfect by any stretch but we want to reassure you that we do try to act in an eco-friendly way as we can, without of course, compromising on style and uniqueness.

So what do we do?

The majority of the paper, card, packaging and office supplies are recycled, 100% post consumer waste – or handmade.  Ribbons where possible are biodegradeable and made using eco-friendly dyes.

We offset our fuel miles and if using couriers, choose ones that let us offset their miles too.

We do obviously have to launder the linen, but we do it without harsh chemicals (likewise, for the washing up at our tea parties).

For every wedding we do, we dedicate a tree in your honour through The Woodland Trust.

We try to support local artists and crafts people and give them an opportunity to showcase their work on our site.  Two recent examples are in our favour and table centre ranges and we want to develop this further in the future.

Our crockery from days gone by is carefully cherished and taken care of – because once it’s gone, it really is gone (and that would be a real shame).

We try to promote all things crafty, keeping traditions alive.  We’re all for injecting a new lease of life into pieces of old, scouring salvage yards, charity shops and auctions, much to the annoyance of our nearest and dearest sometimes as we come home with yet another ‘amazing find’ (sorry sweetie).

It is true, we do scrimp and save a bit – rather than throw it away, every little piece of left over material makes us think what could we do with that?  Let’s reuse rather than get rid.

We continually review and try to improve our practices - we’re not perfect but we are doing our best. 

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